Fun and Digital Way to Learn Phonics

As soon as I finished creating Boom cards (digital task cards) for first grade grammar, I went straight to my next big project: Phonics Boom Cards. Just like my no-prep phonics printables, I am creating them in an order that I think is the easiest for students to bridge from one level to the next. That way, your students will not be frustrated, but excited to see their own improvements!

If you already follow me on social media or my Teachers Pay Teachers store (and if you do, thanks!), you may have noticed that I have been uploading a lot of resources called Boom cards. You may already use them in your classroom, or perhaps you are completely new to them. Boom cards are practically the same thing as task cards, but they are completely digital, self-checking, and require no-prep. On top of that, teachers can get a report immediately on how their students performed when working on a specific set of cards.

Here's a list of the phonics Boom cards I have:
1. Short A CVC Words (4 decks)
2. Short E CVC Words (4 decks)
3. Short I CVC Words (4 decks)
4. Short O CVC Words (4 decks)
5. Short U CVC Words (4 decks)

I created four decks for each focus words, because we all know that one deck of 24 cards is not enough practice for our students! In addition, having a variety of sets will keep them engaged. ;)

Many teachers have shared their positive experiences using digital resources in their classrooms, and it makes me so happy when I get feedback on the resources I have created. These cards can be played like games and your students will be asking for more!

I've created Boom cards for first grade language and grammar and am currently working on creating phonics cards. However, if you are looking for other subjects from other grades, you can check out boomlearning.com or teacherspayteachers.com to find decks created by talented teachers and authors. Do try them out!

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