Editable End of Year Awards

Love it or hate it (and by now most of us will love it!), we're coming to the end of the semester. As the time comes when we look forward to a long and well-deserved break, we should also not forget to look back on the year, and all we have achieved. 

I always like to use the end of this semester as a time to celebrate what we've done, and there's no better way to back the little angels feel special than to have an end-of-year classroom award ceremony! I prepare individual 'Certificates of Achievement' for each of the children, and make it so that these certificates fit with the character and traits they've shown throughout the long school year. Furthermore, I try to make them feel that little bit more special by awarding them during a fancy ceremony in our classroom! Ok, it's not the Oscars, but from the looks on their faces it's just as special :) 

Here, I am sharing some of the ideas I've used in recent years:

There are 71 different awards to choose from, so every student can get something different! It's a PowerPoint file and they are editable, which means you can type in their names, your name, and the date.


Dancing King
Dancing Queen
Junior Einstein
Math Whiz
Avid Reader
Best Author
Creative Mind
Class Comedian
Contagious Giggler
Joy to the World
Wise Owl
Caring Friend
Sports Star
Fab Fashionista
True Leader
Off to Hollywood
Social Butterfly
Helping Hand
Bright Future
Friendly Neighbor
Curious Mind
Rock Star
Nice & Neat
Ball of Energy
Good Listener
Hard Worker
Team Player
Kind Spirit
Super Reader
All Smiles
Most Improved
Super Speller
Friend of the Earth
Map Reader
Problem Solver
Amazing Artist
Rule Follower
Sharing Pro
Best Attitude
One of a Kind
Chatter Box
Question Bag
Excellent Behavior
Vocab Master
Music Box
Morning Cheer
Class Clown
Heart of Gold
Innovative Tech Guru
Memory Box
Best Laugh
Most Responsible
Future Teacher
Full of Cheer
Animal Lover
Best Effort
Great Personality
Peace Keeper

Have fun with them! :D

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