First Grade Language Centers

A few years ago, I started to make little sets of activities to go with my grammar lessons. We would do them together as a whole group and sometimes in a small group, and I would let them ‘play’ on their own at literacy centers. I also placed them in the early-finisher’s basket because they just l-o-v-e-d it. Good for me! My work is done! Kids are having fun learning about… GRAMMAR!

Because these sets were so successful with my kids, I started to make more activities to go with each of my grammar lessons. They include puzzles, sorting cards, task cards, games, and simple activities. I posted them all in my store and put them together in a huge bundle. That way, you can save a whole lot of $ instead of buying them separately.

I've spent many hours including clear directions for each activity, pictures of how to use them, and answer keys. I hope your kids can enjoy them as much as mine did! :)

These are the units that are included in the bundle:

Subject-Verb Agreement 
Singular and Plural Nouns 
Verb Tenses 
Inflectional Endings
Shades of Meaning
Multiple Meanings
Synonyms and Antonyms
Base Words and Affixes
Sort into Categories (FREEBIE) 

If you are like me and are looking for a fun, hands-on approach for your students to practice grammar, I strongly recommend this packet! Whether you follow Common Core or not, you will find this bundle useful when it comes to teaching grammar.

Have a good week!

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