Halloween How-To Writing

I always try to stick a little fun writing activity in every season, and this one is a great way to practice the students' how-to writing skills. The students can make the witch's cookbook into a flipbook, then make a witch to go along with it. 


The kids will have fun creating their own magic potion recipe. If you have covered poetry or rhyming, they could have fun with coming up with interesting spells. I provided a quick reference sheet for them to look at when choosing ingredients. They, of course, don't have to choose from the gross, icky-yucky ingredient list I gave them. For the potion instructions page, I included two different sheets for you to choose from. You can choose one according to your students' level. When completing this page, students can look at the reference sheet to use some of the cooking words.


You can click here to download the flipbook and the craft template! :)

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