Famous People Flip Books

How do you teach social studies in your class? To teach about famous people, I use books, videos, and some other resources I bought on TPT in the past. However, I wanted something more than individual printables- something that my students can enjoy making and take home with them. I decided to make flipbooks which will become a mini project for them each time we learn about a new famous person. Currently, I am working on making flipbooks of famous people listed in the Georgia Performance Standards for first grade.

Thomas Jefferson
Lewis and Clark with Sacagawea
Harriet Tubman
Theodore Roosevelt

Your students will enjoy making this fun and interactive Ben Franklin flipbook, which is full of information. The packet is differentiated by three levels, so you can use them according to your students' ability. I have also included three colorful quote posters that you can display in your classroom.

What’s included?

step by step directions
 > cover page
 > reading
 > timeline (cut-and-paste)
 > geography
 > contributions (cut-and-paste)
 > review (multiple choice and short answers)
quote posters

Click here to download the packet! :)

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