Classroom Rules and Management

What rules do you have in your classroom?

Instead of making a long list of what to do and what not to do, I use the five rules devised by Whole Brain Teaching (WBT). There are many levels of WBT that you could implement in your class that can enhance your classroom management to teaching technique. However, I have only ever tried the Beginner Level which works brilliantly with my students. If you are not familiar with it, it is definitely worth reading about it or, at least, watch some YouTube videos about it.

I made these rule posters to display in my classroom. The mini books were created so that the students can read, write, and color while reviewing the important rules of our classroom. There are five different options you can choose from.

These cards are excellent in a whole-group or small-group lesson, and it can also be put in a center as an activity. It will remind the students of what choices are smart.

Lastly, I added some extra pages to go over the rules in the first week and a page to send home.

You will be able to download both PDF and PPT files (EDITABLE). Hope everything goes smoothly for you in your first month! :D

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