Spring Descriptive Writing

Nothing makes me happier than the arrival of spring. Warm, longer days, beautiful seasonal flowers, finally being able to enjoy being outside, and most of all being able to shed the layers and layers of winter clothes I have to wear from November onwards!

This is a spring writing activity that I do with my kids every year. It's a nice way to practice our descriptive writing skills, and the craftivity totally brightens up the bulletin board! :) There are also word cards and a pictionary-style page included to help the kids come up with spring words and their spelling.

These little printables may come in handy when encouraging kids to writer longer and meatier sentences.

Here is a picture of some of the kids' work displayed on our bulletin board!

In this packet, you will find:

1. 32 Spring word cards
2. One sheet with all 32 spring words (can be put in their writing journal or folder)
3. Spring acrostic poem page
4. 2 printables to practice writing more descriptive sentences
5. Spring noun+adjective template
6. Rough draft templates
7. Craftivity templates
8. Complete instructions for the craftivity

You can click here to download the file! :)

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