One of the biggest challenges I've had with certain classes has been teaching the kids how to use commas accurately. I created two simple activities to have the kids practice to use commas in dates and to separate single words in a series.

First, I printed these sentence strips with no commas on colorful paper to brighten it up. As you can see, I used two colors: one for commas in dates, and one for commas in series. I did this to focus on one concept at a time, then combined all the sentence strips at the end.

On Pinterest, I have seen people using macaroni to place as commas, but you can use pretty much anything small enough to show where to place them. In the picture below, I used dried-up Play-doh pieces shaped like a comma.

The next activity requires the kids to look more closely at the sentences and sort them into the ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ pile. Again, I marked each card with different colored bunnies to show its focus: commas in dates and commas in series. A recording sheet and an answer key is included, so the students can check their own work when they are finished.

You can click here get this packet!

Common Core Standard: L.1.2.C
Use commas in dates and to separate single words in a series.

I always use my grammar practice sheets to reinforce the concepts. You can download these by clicking here or the picture below.

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