Dear Santa: Christmas Persuasive Writing

It's that time of the year again! 
We are busy decorating our classrooms and getting ready for the finale of the year: our Christmas Play. We are currently working on our persuasive writing unit, 'Who Can Guide Santa's Sleigh?', so our play will be very similar to that. It is about the little reindeer applying for jobs to be one of 'Santa's Helpers'. 
I already started making the costumes and, foolishly, I sewed the first one together instead of using hot glue. I say foolishly, because if you knew me, you'd know I cannot bear the thought of having just one costume that is nicely sewed and the rest of them slapped together with hot glue. So, every day I'm sitting in my classroom sewing away like Cinderella. I'll be done one day... some day... and I'll make sure to use these costumes again year after year!

This is a writing craft activity I choose to do every year because it never fails. Kids either love impersonating someone else (in this case, reindeer) or they just love to prove to someone that they are the best (make Santa think that they deserve the job). Hehehe.


 Here is a list of things included:

How to Make the Reindeer Craftivity
A Letter From Santa
Label the Reindeer
How many words can you make from 'REINDEER'?
Reindeer Names in ABC Order
Unscramble the Reindeer Words
Reindeer Job Application
Reindeer Adjectives
Why should Santa choose me to pull the sled? – BRAINSTORM
Differentiated writing paper for the craftivity
Reindeer Craft Templates 


I hope you have great week!

Just 24 more days until Christmas! ;)

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