Sponge Paint Bat Art

My Pinterest newsfeed is already filling up with masses of creative ideas for October artwork and classroom decorations. There are so many things I want to do, but I started out with a door decoration and my kids made amazing Halloween bats.

On the left below is my fellow teacher's door, and on the right is mine. :)

Now, here is the Halloween bat we made using a sponge to paint. The kids always seem to love using odd objects to paint instead of using conventional paintbrushes! I got this idea from artsonia.com, but I tweaked it a little bit to suit my kids' ability. Artsonia suggested putting a bat stencil on top of the black paper and dabbing paint all around the bat, which sounded like a brilliant idea. However, my kids would make a total mess and there would be no bat shapes on the paper, so they made the background first, and then cut out the shapes of bats to put on top of it.

Here are the steps we took:

1. Dab orange/yellow/red paint with a sponge all over large black paper. I added water to the paint to make it thinner.


2. I made Mommy Bat and Baby Bat stencils for the children to trace onto black construction paper.


3. Have the children cut out the bats they traced.

4. Finally, the children can decide where to place the bats on the bright background they made and then glue them on.

TAH DAH~~~~!!!

You can easily get the shape of a bat by googling something like 'bat cut out', then you can print it and make a stencil on cardstock paper. It was quite simple and a lot of fun!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. :)

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