First Grade Common Core Language Arts

How do you have your students soak in the information that you teach in a whole group lesson and practice it in school and at home?  I always struggled to find practice pages to supplement our language arts lessons, so I've created printables that target each Common Core language standard. There are more than 360 pages of worksheets with answer keys and posters to go with twenty different ELA topics prevalent in first grade language curriculum. I was contacted by many teachers asking if they could just get the posters, so I put them up in my TPT store. Click here to get the first grade ELA posters/anchor charts. If you are purchasing the full bundle, you do NOT need to get this as the posters will already be included in the bundle.
There are two bundles that cover a wide range of ELA subjects which mainly focus on improving grammar and building vocabulary. Whether your school follows Common Core or not, you will find a plethora of valuable activity sheets for your students. These were made with first graders in mind, but they can be used for advanced kindergarteners or for second graders as reinforcement! :) Below are some examples of my students' work. There are anchor chart(s) included in each packet that you can use to introduce the concepts. Once the subject has been covered, you can place the anchor chart(s) at the literacy center so that your students can refer to them when working on these worksheets or related activities. You could pair them up with my hands-on learning grammar activities or Boom Cards if you have a digital classroom.

How can I use these resources? You can use these printables and anchor charts as supplementary tools after giving lessons. Here are some ideas that I received from feedback: - classwork - homework - literacy station - early finishers - assessment - for substitute teacher - quick filler

I organize the entire bundle by dividing them into little sections in a clear file binder. That way, I can take out the pages I need quickly and copy them for my students.
You can also bind the pages into a book for each student, as shown in the pictures below.

For those of you who want all twenty packets, I have put them into a mega bundle and you can get it at 20% off. My aim was to help create a comprehensive go-to resource when it comes to teaching first graders a subject that could seem daunting or boring to teach to young learners. Each packet is filled with a variety of pages and the level of difficulty increases throughout the packet. If you have multiple levels in your classroom, you can easily differentiate your lesson using these packets. Please click here get the MEGA BUNDLE.
Lastly, I'd love to share some of the feedback on these grammar resources! :)

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