First Grade Common Core Language Arts

How do you have your students soak in the information that you taught in a whole group lesson and practice it in school and at home? 

I always struggled to find practice pages to supplement the language arts lessons, so I've created Common Core practice sheets that target each Common Core language standard. There are more than 360 pages posters, worksheets, and answer keys on twenty different ELA topics prevalent in first grade language curriculum. They cover a wide range of ELA subjects that mainly focus on improving grammar and building vocabulary. Whether your school follows Common Core or not, you will find a plethora of valuable activity sheets for your students. These were made with first graders in mind, but they may be used for advanced kindergartners or for second graders as reinforcement! :)

I organized the entire bundle by dividing them into little sections in a clear file binder. That way, I can take out the pages I need quickly and copy them for my students.

For a student that I tutor, I bound them into individual packets and we go through them one at a time along with the activities from first grade literacy center packet.

My kids get a little packet at the end of each unit for extra practice, and I'm happy to say that it's working out well for them! :)

I put them into two different bundles, so you can get them with a bundle discount! :)

What's included in Bundle #1?

common, proper, and possessive nouns
singular and plural nouns
subject-verb agreement
personal, possessive, and indefinite pronouns
past, present, and future tense
determiners- articles and demonstratives
types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory)

What's included in Bundle #2?

multiple meaning words
synonyms and antonyms
shades of meaning
inflectional endings
sort into categories
base words and affixes
ABC order

You could use these for:

1. classwork
2. homework
3. stations
4. early finishers
5. assessments

If you have other ideas, please share with me in the comment box below :)

Here is a sample FREEBIE you can download!

Have a lovely day!

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