100th Day of School Celebration!

Do you celebrate the 100th day of school?

From the very first day, we counted up to the 100th day of school, and oh boy, their anticipation grew so much as the day approached. This was my second time celebrating the 100th day of school and I wanted to make it more fun for than last year with fun things to do for the whole day!

I made a mini packet of 16 pages including the cover page for the kids to do throughout the day.

Here are just a few of the things we did:

Made lists of '100 Things We Wish We Had' and '100 Things We Don't Want To Have'. Of course, they came up with some hilarious things to just be silly and make each other laugh.

We did some math activities like skip counting and filling in the 100-Chart.

We wrote about what our lives would be like when we were 100 years-old.

Of course, I also got some ideas from Pinterest, like building a 100-Cup-Tower. This was AWESOME.


They had so much fun doing the 100 Second Race. I laid their packets on one side of the wall, and after each race, they recorded their results in their packet.

The highlight of today was making a 100 Day Club crown and making a 100 Day Club V.I.P. necklace. It's special to be a Very Important Person! ;)

Let us know what you do to celebrate the 100th day at your school! 

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