Nouns Common Core Practice

It's been a while since I posted anything on my blog, but I have a good excuse!

I got married and went on the most amazing honeymoon. Good thing about living in Korea is that Bali is very close. I never imagined to go all the way to Indonesia when living in Georgia. It was just amazing and I do want to bore you with a few pictures... :)

We went to Amaterra Resort in Bali. The place was excellent, but the service was just... INCREDIBLE. 

This was our pool villa. Breakfast was brought every morning to the outdoor lounge above. 
Oh, I really want to go back...

This is a picture of the Indian Ocean and... my feet.

Okay... That's enough now. I'm finished moaning about wanting to go back there.

Recently, I've been working on making first grade Common Core practice sheets to go with my lessons. You can click here to check out all the packets, or come back to my blog to pick up a FREEBIE and get updates on the new products. I will choose a page from each packet and upload it here for your use.

Here is the first one!

Nouns (common, proper, possessive) Common Core Practice Sheets L.1.1.B


Here is what is included:

Common Noun (1 poster, 6 practice pages)
Proper Noun (1 poster, 6 practice pages)
Possessive Noun (1 poster, 6 practice pages)

There are 26 pages in total (21 usable pages)

Here is a page from the packet above. 
You can download this FREEBIE by clicking the picture.

CLICK HERE to get the Common Core Noun Practice packet.

Thanks for stopping by! :D


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