Order of Teaching Phonics

How do you teach phonics?

In my experience, the following steps worked the best in helping my students learn to read. With each step, students are able to bridge the next level of learning, which made smooth transitions.

1. CVC
2. CVCe
4. Beginning Blends
5. Digraphs
6. R-Controlled Words
7. Diphthongs

On top of class activities, games, and center work, it is important for students to practice and review the knowledge they acquired. So, I have made these No-Prep Phonics Printables for classwork and homework. No extra prepping is necessary other than to print and give to your students.

Complete each packet in order to ensure students to grasp new concepts easily without being overwhelmed. For example, Beginning Blends packet will not have any digraphs in it, and Digraphs packet will not have any diphthongs in it.

You can click the picture to download it! :)

You can download the sample here:

You can download the COMPLETE BUNDLE and SAVE!

Have a great week!

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