Korean Thanksgiving Day (Chuseok)

Well, I had a wonderfully long 5 day weekend thanks to Korean Thanksgiving Day known as Chuseok! :)
Chuseok is one of the biggest holidays in Korea. This is the time to give thanks to their ancestors for an abundant harvest and to share food with family and friends near and far. Chuseok will fall on the day the full moon will appear, and traditionally, people will go out to look at the moon and make wishes. 
And, so did I! The picture quality is pretty bad, but the moon was exceptionally bright this day! I went up to the rooftop to make some wishes, too.  ;)

The day before the holiday began, our school had a special way of celebrating it. Some children wore hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) to school, made song-pyeon (ricecake), played various traditional Korean games, made hanbok crafts, and wrote our wishes down. Kids loved them all!

The picture on the far left shows us playing a game called yoot-no-ri. It's usually played on the Korean New Year, but we played it for this holiday as well. It is definitely my favorite Korean game! Here is an old painting of Koreans playing this game back in the days. You can see that they are wearing the traditional Korean clothes called hanbok.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week.

Until later! :D

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