Fun Cooking Day (Deviled Eggs)

We had a fun day making deviled eggs today!

We didn't go all at it with the ingredients, but kept it very simple. It was still pretty delicious and they all loved it! :)

I prepared the boiled eggs for them so that we didn't have to deal with the dangerous hot water in our classroom. Before cooking, we talked about the materials and the procedures and did a simple 'how-to' writing.

Materials: boiled eggs, parsley, mayonnaise, salt, dish, bowl, a spoon, and a plastic knife (for the teacher).

Each student got a plate with a boiled egg. They all removed the egg shells and I went around the tables to help cut the egg in half. 

These are the ingredients we used: parsley, mayo, and salt.

Each group put everything they had into a bowl and mixed it well. Mushy time!

Time to gobble it up! Hmmmm~~~~ :D

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