Do you use task cards in your classroom?

 Do you use task cards in your classroom? I became so addicted to them this year. J 

Here are some reasons why:

1.      They are pretty darn engaging and motivational.

Yes, worksheets can be useful, but adding creative measures like task cards will create excitement among your kids. My kids REALLY love working on task cards. They love working on them individually, in pairs, and of course, they love playing the game of SCOOT.
Usually, task card sets come in 20-32 cards. My bundles come in 24 cards. Each card asks just one problem so kids are not overwhelmed by 24 questions presented on a single piece of paper. They finish one then move on to the next one, feeling a sense of achievement.

*One problem per card

2.      They cover target learning objectives effectively.

Because one set of task cards usually focuses on one concept, it gives students a good chance to practice a specific skill. You can rotate different sets according to what you teach that week, or depending on your students’ needs.

3.      You can use them in so many different ways.

You can set a task card center and kids can work individually, in pairs, or in small groups. You can even use as a whole class by playing a popular game like SCOOT. I also learned that some teachers send a packet of task cards for homework! J

4.      You save paper.

Instead of making multiple copies for all your students, you can print, cut and laminate, then use them for years. I have task card recording sheets FREEBIE at my TPT store. I’ve seen teachers giving out recording sheets at the beginning of the week and having their students complete certain task cards by the end of the week. I laminate my recording sheets, and my students use dry-erase markers with them.

5.      Your early finishers will love them.

“I’m finished! What do I do now?” We all have these students in our classrooms. Along with my early finisher folders, task cards have become a popular activity for my early finishers. Hooray!

6.      Saves your time.

At the end of each task card set, I add an answer key for my students to check once they’re finished with all the cards. Students learn to work independently and check their answers by themselves or with their partners.

*Answer keys at the back of each task card set

I hope this post gave you a better idea of why task cards could work in your classroom!

Thanks for reading! :D

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