Mr. and Mrs. Fix Packet 2

I finally had the time to finish making the second set of Mr. and Mrs. Fix! Yipee!

This packet will help your students strengthen their writing skills. You can implement it in your Daily Oral Language time. You can also use this packet for homework or put it in your daily language center. When they finish with the sheet, they can get it checked by a friend. The friend who checked it should write their name in the box at the bottom.

This packet will cover various areas of Core Curriculum Standards including L.K.2, RF.K. 1, and RF.K.3. 
Students will practice editing sentences for the following:

punctuation (period and questions mark)
sight word spelling
appropriate spaces between words

You can download it here!

Mr. and Mrs. Fix- Fix the Sentences- Packet 2- Kinder and

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